Devansh Tushar Kshirsager – Liver Transplant October 3, 2018 – Posted in: Liver Transplant


Case History: Master  Devansh Kshirsagar 3 years old is  fighting against a life-threatening liver disease. UHID No ANMI.0000020928, is under treatment at Apollo Hospital Navi for Budd chiari Syndrome with HPS.

His treatment and medicines started and still continue. However, the little child’s fight with the disease has not stopped, and  he has been diagnosed with end-stage liver cirrhosis (is a condition in which the liver does not function properly due to long-term damage. This damage is characterized by the replacement of normal liver tissue). Only an immediate liver transplant would help save his life  and unfortunately her father, Mr. Tushar Kshirsagar is medically and physically eligible to give part of his liver to his ailing baby.

Family Background:  Mr. Tushar Kshirsagar is working as freelancer from 1st june2017 to still date and his salary is not fixed is on various basis  and his wife is a house wife they already spent more than half their savings on their their child’s treatment.

While Mr. Tushar Kshirsagar is medically fit to donate part of his liver to his baby, the cost of the tests, medicines and check-ups since 16 months now, have drained the family off all their savings. The operation costs around Rs. 16.5 Lakh (INR).

Appeal to the Donors: Any amount of money that you donate will help in a big way to ultimately reach Mr. Tushar’s target to afford the major operation. This is the only chance for Baby Devansh  to survive and we are humbly asking for your help to raise funds for this little baby in order to proceed with the next step of treatment. Your contribution is very valuable to enable the child to survive. The approximate cost for the operation of Baby Devansh  is Rs. 16.5 Lakh (INR) for this surgery. We appeal to YOU to save the life of Baby Devansh Kshirsagar by sending your contribution by Cheque/DD/Online in the name of Maya Foundation at the address given below.

Maya Foundation registered under charity commissioner Reg. No. F 35326/ Thane  Pan no AAETM4767E

12A No. PN/CIT(Exemp).TECH/12A A/Pune/Rg/359/60/2017-18/5990 dated 23.02.2018.